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VeriSign Trust Seal

The VeriSign Trust™ Seal shows the world that VeriSign has confirmed your identity and your site has passed the VeriSign malware scan. The biggest companies in the world secure their Web sites with VeriSign and inspire confidence by showing the VeriSign seal.

Now any Web site can build trust, credibility and loyalty online with the VeriSign seal.

Buy New OR Renew Your VeriSign Trust Seal

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Note: If your Web site uses SSL, you must use VeriSign SSL in order to display the VeriSign Trust Seal.

Features and Benefits

Increase traffic, sales and loyalty online by showing customers they can buy, browse, and share with confidence because your Web site is trusted by VeriSign, the global leader in online trust.

Easy Install
Installing the VeriSign Trust Seal is as easy as adding an image to a Web page. After you apply for the seal, VeriSign verifies your business information and scans your Web site. When your seal is ready, you'll receive an email alert. Go to the Installation Agreement to accept the terms and conditions.