Today's threat landscape has created ever-increasing challenges for financial services companies as they work to protect important financial assets and customer data. Financial services companies are under a high and sustained level of attack, in some instances experiencing a direct loss.

Click the Padlock Icon To View Certificates "It's Back" and Better Than Ever

One of the most controversial changes Chrome made was moving the link for the SSL Certificate Viewer from the Page Information menu (that little dropdown when you click the padlock icon) to Developer Tools.

Don't worry, your certificates are not days away from being invalid.

If you have been following the Symantec/Google (and Mozilla) saga you likely know two things: it has been very confusing, and if you use Symantec certificates (or any of its other brands: RapidSSL, Thawte, or GeoTrust) you are going to need to replace your certificates at some point.

Google made an unmistakable announcement back in 2014 that it would start factoring SSL/TLS into its ranking algorithm. While the impact was fairly minimal at first, the positive effect an SSL certificate has on search results has continued to increase as the community pushes all sites towards encryption.