Comodo SGC Wildcard

Secure unlimited sub-domains on your website with a single Comodo SGC Wildcard SSL Certificate (e.g.,, A Comodo SGC Wildcard SSL Certificate is a cost effective and efficient means of securing all sub-domains without the need to manage multiple certificates.

Comodo SGC (SGC)

Comodo SGC SSL Certificates upgrade the encryption capabilities of older browsers from 40-bit encryption into full 128- or 256-bit encryption. This means your website protects and is trusted by the highest number of internet users possible, even the millions using older versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.

Comodo Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Digital IDs

What is Code Signing?


Guard sensitive customer information, financial transactions and transmit confidential data with identity assured Extended Validation (EV) SGC SSL Certificates. These certificates provide 128- or 256-bit encryption to over 99% of Web site visitors by offering the strongest encryption and identity assurance available to every site visitor - even the millions using older versions of Windows and IE.

Comodo Unified Communication (UC)

Secure multiple unique domains and subdomains on a single Unified Communications Certificate (UCC). Save money over buying individual certificates and consolidate your certificate needs in one UCC supported by MSĀ® Exchange 2007/2010 and OCS 2007.